Tsukiji Fish Market - Day 3 - Japan 2016

The day started at 3am. Well not really, we just returned from Bar Keith, had time for a quick healthy dinner (salad from 7-11 + chicken nuggets), before drinking some coffee and heading out. 

We went on a walking tour, taken by Naoto Nakamura, who used to work at the markets. We had two options for this night. Line up for the Tuna Auctions at around 4am, with a chance of viewing the actual options, of taking a tour through some other parts of the market on this tour. Our friend Sherman recently completed the walking tour and recommended we take it. I'm glad we did. It turned out to be a pretty big adventure.

After meeting at a random 7-11 at 3:15am or so, we pretty quickly got into it. It was just us and the tour guide. 

Although we didn't get to view the tuna auctions, we did get to pass some tuna being prepared. 

My friend reminded me multiple times to remember to bring a wide lens up to the rooftop. I'm glad I did, getting up here showed us the extent of just how large the markets were. I wish I had enough time here (and it wasn't so cold), such that I could have captured a time-lapse of the place. There were dozens of trucks moving around at any one moment, along with endless lines of the small fork-lift style trucks.


The markets will be moving in November 2016. Once they move I imagine it will be quite hard to do walking tours of the new venue (it was hard enough getting into the restricted areas of this venue without causing a fuss). Super fortunate we were able to visit a few months before relocation.