Sushi Sora - Tokyo Day 2 - 2016 Japan

Sushi Sora 

Charm surprised me with an amazing birthday lunch at Sushi Sora, in the Mandarin Oriental

A quiet little Sushi restaurant, there were a 4 others here when we arrived, however it emptied out not long after. Usually quiet restaurants are awkward, however being able to watch the amazingly talented sushi chef perform his art in silence felt rather pure.

The food was amazing, we went to 2 of the most amazing sushi places in 24 hours on this trip. Sushi Sora and  Daiwa-sushi at the Fish Markets. Charm preferred  Daiwa-sushi while I preferred Sushi Sora, the dishes here were delicate with a finely balanced flavour. Perhaps the flavour at  Daiwa-sushi was better, the dishes here weren't overpowered with a seafood taste (I do realise I'm eating Sushi), and I'm one who appreciates technical mastery, and being able to watch it very closely. 

Throughout lunch, we enjoyed the amazing sushi, however I also was looking to take some pictures out the window. A perfect view out north-east of the Tokyo horizon, perfectly centred in this view was the Tokyo Sky Tree.