My listing of HK Food. This list was inspired by my London housemate, Dre, she sent me a food email which I ended up forwarding to about 10 friends. Time to put something online. This is an amalgamation of her list and some of my own recommendations.

  • I don't really give too many notes here, just find some of these and eat!
  • For now links are to Open Rice, which then contains a map link. 
  • Any place in HK which is any good will have a queue. But if you aren't restricted to work hours, you can usually visit earlier/later for a faster eat
  • I'll keep this list up to date as I visit these places and take some photos


Kau Kee

21 Gough Street. Beef noodles. Thick Egg Noodles with Curry Beef is awesome. Open Rice Link. The line here is about 30min long at peak hour. Get in, eat at a cramped table, get out. HK style but cheap and worth it. 

Across the road from Kau Kee – on gough street – weird opening hours but they do good tomato instant noodles and the Portuguese buns with the condensed milk.

Tai Cheung Bakery

35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central for egg tarts. Multiple locations so if you pass by them, have one.

Lan Fong Yuen

Best milk tea – it’s like a cart on the way up to Soho but there’s actually a restaurant behind it on the street as well. Iced milk tea is really good, the French toast is really good too Open Rice Link. I usually head here on the way to Kau Kee, and drink the milk while I'm waiting in the queue. 

Tim Ho Wan 

These guys are famous for their first store in Mong Kok, one of the cheapest Michelin stared places in the world. It would usually have a 2 hour queue. They have since expanded, and some people would say the quality has degraded a little. I'd say it's still worth it if the line is less than 20 minutes long. Definitely get their baked pork buns. If it isn't peak hour, my strategy is usually to visit here when I'm leaving HK via the airport express.

  1. Arrive at HK station 
  2. Go to Tim Ho Wan and put your name on the queue list
  3. Head to Airport Express Airport check in. This usually takes around 15 minutes 
  4. Once you are free of all your luggage, head back down to Tim Ho Wan, and hopefully only wait 10min for your delicious baked pork buns. If you get take-away, you can grab these and eat them at the airport. (No eating on the HK express train!)

Nha Trang

Go to place for good viet to fix cravings. They have a good spicy one with the viet sausage and the tomato crab one but I always end up getting original. They have stores in Central and Tai Koo. (Open Rice Link)

Western District

Kwan Kee

Claypot rice. Go for the ones that have preserved sausages and meats. OpenRice

Wan Chai

Really good fried pork chop curry rice.

Causeway Bay


Rice noodles with fish balls. Just behind Time Square under the large bridge. Best come here with a local. (Open Rice Link


Laksa (and the dishes) Not super authentic. But delicious, fast and cheap. English friendly menus. I usually buy a couple of extra poached eggs here to fill me up, as the Laksa isn't as over-the-top large as you'll find at more traditional joints. (I haven't ever really found proper Laksa in HK) 

North Point

Bubble Waffles

Dre's friend had these 9 times for the 7 days he was in Hong Kong – 492 King’s Road (Link). Branches in TST and Wan Chai, but the North Point branch is known to be the best. 

Pineapple buns

Really good one here, it’s like slightly orange. I’ll usually get one, walk a block, turn around and get another one, without fail every time I say I’ll get one. Open Rice 

Tung Po

Upstairs of the wet market on Java Road. They serve the beer in bowls and just good street food overall. I like their mayonannaise ribs (salad pork ribs), anything in a clay pot would be good. It isn't too english friendly, so bring a local to be safe. Open Rice

Tsim Sha Tsui


Celestial Court

Dre's favourite Dim Sum. Pricey but good. link