An interactive projection experience in a Nike Popup store which ran in July and August 2012. To highlight Nike's innovations in use during the Britain Summer Olympics of 2012, Nike created the pop up store +Nine that was also home to an innovative front window touch display and projection mapping animations.

Developed in collaboration with Boffswana, The Locals and Razor/US, the experience utilised a holofoil surface and several Barco projectors to provide real-time interaction to users, and allowed patrons and/or passers-by to playback concept videos, browse products and look up their information, and even control product-specific lighting in the store.

This engaging storefront was key to stimulating interest in the space, and was a mesmerising example of interaction that exemplified both form and function.

Making Of

Back in 2012 I did a writeup of how I put together this piece here:

I also produced a time-lapse and documented some of the development process in the below video as well.