Google Impact Challenge

From the Grumpy Sailor website: 

Grumpy Sailor and Google’s Marketing department teamed up to create an online and physical experience to inspire and encourage participation in Australia’s first 'Google Impact Challenge'. The online Wish application asked Australians for their wishes for a better world, beginning a conversation to inspire local non-profits to submit their innovative ideas for their chance to realise them with Google’s support (50K). Alongside the online platform, a ‘Wish’ installation was developed as an interactive experience, with the use of light projections, motion sensors and sound. It displayed all the wishes Australians had submitted online in an atmosphere of magic and hope, where a positive thought was materialised.


We implemented a solution using OpenFrameworks, C++. A list of wishes were submitted online. Our system pulled these wishes into the system and displayed them to users within our "Cave" space. Our space consisted of 5 projectors. (3 walls, 2 down-projectors). The piece was exhibited in Sydney, Australia.